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Domaine Les Luquettes

It was in 1843 that the property became part of Sophie's family following the union between Miss Bringuier and Mr Cachard, her ancestor, who invested heavily in the region as mayor of La Cadière d'Azur and as a wine merchant at the port of Bandol. When he married Mrs. Bringuier, he decided to extend the wine production of his wife's family. Passed down from generation to generation, the vineyards and winery have become the focal point of the family's history. In the 1990s, her parents, sheep farmers, decided to return to the family vineyards. In 1996 her mother, Elisabeth, decided to take over the estate completely and at that time gave a name to the property -  Domaine Les Luquettes - and set up as an independent winegrower. Since 2010, Sophie has decided to continue her family's work and join her parents at the estate. 



The Domaine Les Luquettes is a small estate of 12 hectares, 7 hectares of which are AOC Bandol and 5 hectares are Vin de Pays du Mont de Caume. Very close to nature, les Luquettes have been working organically since the seventies.  As organic production is "a philosophy of life and not a fad for them", they have never needed to file for AB accreditation -- it is just organic! The Domaine is also part of the French Association of Independent Winegrowers, which is proof of the authenticity of its work as a winegrower and which, as the Association's name suggests, requires total independence for the winegrowers. In other words, they do everything themselves, from vinification, to bottling at the estate and selling.

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