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Jérémie Huchet

Following the family tradition, Jérémie shares with us his Chapeau Melon, which is an intense and refreshing French white wine from the Muscadet vineyards. 

Why is it called Chapeau Melon? Why the bowler hat? It's a wink and nod to the grape variety used in this wine and muscadets, "melon de bourgogne" (Burgundy melon), and a "chapeau melon" is the French word for a bowler hat

His winery is located in a very unique terroir in the Loire Valley, made up of granite of Château-Thébaud. This granite enables the vines to grow deeper roots, providing a constant supply of minerals and water thereby striking the perfect balance between the sweetness and acidity from the grapes.

This wine is perfect for happy hour and is best served at 8°C. It is also great with fish, cold meats and salads.

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