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Domaine Jean Mallet

Back in the 15th century the Cisterians munks would use the land to produce their wine mass and it wasn’t until the 20th century that the Mallet Family started making Champagne. Originally Felix Fourrier, the mayor of Baroville purchased the land in 1910. Nicknamed “Bismarck” for his authoritarian ways, and thin mustache, he left the land to his son Renée, who also worked the vines. Jeanine, his daughter married Jean Mallet (a wine maker as well) which started a beautiful expansion of the Champagne Mallet brand. From 3ha, to 17ha, handling 60,000 bottles a year.


2 years and 10 months aging, 70% Pinot Noir 30% Chardonnay. Yellow, with silver reflections. Fruitful to the nose, buttery to the palate. A perfect blend of red and white fruit aromas. An excellent Champagne for any occasion.

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