Domaine Mesclances

A castle undergoing a full renaissance ... With a beautiful terroir and a completely renovated cellar, Arnaud and Elisabeth de Villeneuve Bargemon and their daughter Sophie, nourish new and great ambitions for their beautiful property


In this fertile land, history bears witness to winemaking that has been performed on the lands of the estate since antiquity. Divided up in 1802, following the parceling of domain owned since 1530 by the family of Sieur de Boutiny, the current owners’ ancestor, Les Mesclances, extending over 270 acres of prime land crowned with wooded hills, is bathed in the Mediterranean climate conducive to grape and olive growing. The grape varieties used in the wines are mainly Syrah, Mourvèdre, Grenache, Cinsault, Rolle, Ugni Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon. The vines are spread over several plots to benefit from a range of different sun exposures and soils that lend themselves to excellent blending. The ancestral passion for the vine, a family legacy, has been passed downed over the centuries. Les Mesclances bring us their fun and elegant rosés: Charmes, and Romane.

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